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Andrej Kratky


Years of experience

We are a digital company that believes in the power of creative strategy in conjunction with great technical and UI/UX design.

Our expertise in Architecture and Engineering spans the Telecom, Financial, Automotive, and Gaming industries, managing projects with investments ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of Euros


Completed projects


Major clients


Industry verticals

Our Journey

We began our operations in 2014 and offered our services to varying group of clients:

  • Gastronomy - We ventured into the gastronomy domain, creating and delivering fresh green smoothies to select locations along with a range of raw products. This enterprise concluded in 2020 - zelenaoaza.sk.
  • Our experience in the healthy food sector led us to consult on and sell Green Ways products - green barley and chlorella.
  • We have a track record in developing and maintaining websites, boasting projects like - gr8it.cloud, downovsyndrom.sk, kuty.media, zelenaoaza.sk, ms.kuty.sk, kuty.sk. although not all remain operational today.
  • Customization is at our core, with 3D printing and model creation tailored to specific requirements which often complements device prototyping activities.
  • We have been dedicating our efforts to long-term social engagement initiatives such as tech and publishing support for the Slovak Down Syndrome Society. If you're inspired to join us in making a difference, please don't hesitate to reach out. 
  • Since 2015, we have also been supporting various community events, e.g., the implementation of a measurement and evaluation solution for the Health Run at the primary school in Kúty and Andrej  Run Kúty.
  • Embarking on a new venture since 2024, we now offer services in enterprise architecture and engineering, enabling comprehensive project execution using our robust network of partners.

Company Reg. No: 47 776 056
VAT No.: 202 409 7801
VAT international No.: SK202 409 7801
Bank connection: FIO - FIOZSKBAXXX -  SK59 8330 0000 0027 0208 6709