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Our Architecture and Design Core Services are empowered by 25+ years of experience in Telco, Finance and Automotive. Our Design Services can be expanded to include delivery using our network of partners.

Architecture & Engineering Management

This service offers a pragmatic approach to developing and enhancing your Architecture or Engineering organization.

Whether you're thinking of establishing Architecture discipline in your organization or planning to get the existing organization to the next level of maturity, facing the challenge of deciding between insourcing and outsourcing the Architecture & Engineering organization. Also if you need to adapt your design part of the operational model to a changing business environment. While you are looking to establish or overhaul your architecture framework, we provide clear, actionable alternatives to allow you to achieve your goals.

Our service focuses on optimizing your resources to deliver superior outcomes, ensuring your architecture and engineering practices are not only efficient but also modular, scalable, using proper tooling and aligned with your business goals.

Architecture & Engineering on Demand

This service delivers practical, flexible support tailored to the specific needs of your transformation, software and/or hardware projects.

Struggling with architectural decisions at any level of detail, from conceptual planning to design implementation? Needing to create or refresh an IT strategy, or facing multi-cloud and AI challenges in project implementations? We're here to help.

Our expertise extends to finding the optimal solution balance and standardizing architectural artifacts for your projects. We also provide clear insights and recommendations through the use of architecture reviews,. Our service is designed to seamlessly integrate with your projects and portfolios, ensuring they are executed efficiently, meet your strategic goals, and guide delivery towards successful outcomes.

Device & Platform Prototyping

This service helps to bring your innovative ideas to life through practical, cutting-edge solutions.

If you're exploring edge computing, Smart Infrastructure and IoT Integration, custom software solutions for niche markets our service is tailored for you.

We focus on developing prototypes that not only prove the concept but are also actionable and deployable in production. We will be working closely with you to identify opportunities for innovation. Together we can transform challenges into opportunities and reality.

We boast extensive expertise in integrating hardware components from leading vendors such as SolidRun, Raspberry Pi Foundation and Hardkernel (Odroid), complemented by a diverse array of sensors and connectivity options.


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