Use Cases

How our services address a wide range of organizational challenges.


Strategic Planning & Transformation

  • In response to shifts in the market or internal evolutions, we can help to update your operating model to stay competitive. We assess your current design and operations, identify areas for improvement, and implement changes that increase responsiveness and efficiency. Whether it's streamlining processes or adopting new technologies, our focus is on practical strategies that drive real business outcomes. 

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  • Whether you're looking to update your existing IT strategy or starting from scratch our service offers a structured approach to develop a comprehensive plan. We consider which latest technology would best serve your needs and also market trends, aligning them with your business objectives to create a roadmap that is both innovative and executable.

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  • Organizations looking to stay competitive should rapidly adopt new technology and run continuous digital transformation. "Architecture on Demand" offers flexible support in navigating these transitions, from selecting the right technology to redesigning business processes and IT architectures to fit a digital-first approach.

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  • We streamline the creation and management of architecture artifacts, ensuring they're not just comprehensive but also practical for your team's use. "Architecture on Demand" focuses on developing clear, actionable documents and diagrams that support effective implementation and communication across all of your projects.

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  • Our service provides thorough reviews of your current and planned architecture, offering insights and recommendations based on best practices and industry standards. "Architecture on Demand" brings an external, objective perspective to evaluate your architectural strategies, identifying both strengths and areas which require improvement to guide your projects towards their strategic goals.

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  • Whether starting a new or refining an existing structure, our "Architecture & Engineering Management" service provides expert guidance in building a strong, effective architecture or engineering organization. From defining roles and responsibilities to implementing best practices and helping to find the right candidates.

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  • When you are facing the challenge of doing more with less resources, we dedicate our time to identifying cost-saving automation opportunities while increasing productivity and results. We delve into your operational processes, uncover inefficiencies, and propose pragmatic plans for improvement, ensuring that every investment translates into tangible benefits for your organization.

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  • For projects that are behind schedule, over budget or not meeting expectations, we provide targeted solutions to get them back on track. We examine the root causes of delays and inefficiencies and then offer alternatives to ensure an improvement. For planned projects we can suggest prototyping and testing techniques to validate concepts and accelerate subsequent project execution. Our goal is to ensure your projects are completed efficiently, effectively, and with the desired positive results.

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  • Create new team or In-source back

    • Have you reached a point where your organization's design and engineering expertise is predominantly outsourced? Are you looking to re-establish or enhance these critical capabilities internally? Our Architecture & Engineering Management service can help you to reinforce your in-house skills starting with the temporary integration of our team in architecture and engineering roles. Acting as internal team members, we support your HR recruitment and gradually transition their responsibilities to your new employees. These new members of staff will be mentored by us for them to adopt best practices in their respective roles. Additionally, we assist in developing robust internal design processes suited for agile, waterfall, or hybrid environments, including the optimization of templates and tools used by your team. 
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    Strategic Outsourcing



Organizational & Process Optimization


Technology & Infrastructure Solutions

  • For projects grappling with software and hardware architecture, our service "Architecture on Demand" delivers clear, executable steps. We fully assist in every phase of design and delivery according to the needs of your organization. Starting from high-level conceptual planning to detailed design specifications, ensuring your projects are on track for success. Our flexible support adapts to your project's needs, bringing architectural clarity and direction.

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  • Our service "Architecture on Demand" helps navigate the complexities of cloud computing, advising on the optimal mix of private and public cloud solutions and their interconnection. We assess your specific needs, considering factors like security, scalability and cost, to recommend a cloud approach that aligns with your business goals. Our aim is to simplify the cloud for you, making it a powerful and flexible asset for your operations.

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  • Following a merger or acquisition, companies often face the daunting task of integrating disparate IT systems. We can provide strategic guidance and a detailed roadmap for harmonizing these systems, ensuring a seamless transition that maintains operational continuity and efficiency.

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  • Companies in niche markets often require highly specialized software solutions that aren't readily available off-the-shelf or need a combination of what is available and what can be added. We can work closely with your team to develop custom software that meets your unique business requirements and operational challenges.

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  • With a growing emphasis on sustainability, organizations are looking to implement green IT strategies that reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption (i.e. Eco-friendly Hardware, Cloud Computing, Digital Minimalism and many others). Our service can help you to choose the best options that will allow the biggest positive impact and implement sustainable architectural practices that align with environmental goals and regulatory requirements.

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  • In an era of increasing regulatory scrutiny and cyber threats, companies must ensure their IT architecture complies with legal standards and is secure against breaches. Our service can assist in assessing your current compliance and security postures and implementing any necessary architectural changes to mitigate risks.

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Sustainability & Compliance


Innovation through AI & Prototyping

  • For organizations aiming to develop smart infrastructure or integrate Internet of Things (IoT) devices into their operations, this service provides innovative architectural concepts and prototyping for IoT solutions. Whether it's smart buildings, connected devices, or industry-specific applications, we help you harness the power of IoT.

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  • Navigating AI and ML Landscapes

    • Are you looking for areas where AI would help you to solve resource demanding tasks or bring new insights to your data? Are you overwhelmed by the different AI and ML offers from local vendors and global cloud providers? Our service "Architecture on Demand" would help you to have clarity on the direction you want to move into and identify key use-cases where AI / ML technology would be used and which of the categories fits the use-case the best way.
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    Prototyping for Proof

    • Are you considering a proof of concept or planning to build an AI / ML prototype to verify applicability of an algorithm to your problem? If so, our prototyping service would be a viable choice.
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